Shedding Some Light on Social Media

Social media is a fairly recent phenomenon that some are calling the biggest shift since the industrial revolution. It has mushroomed quickly and has changed the way we do business and communicate.

Some have harnessed the power of social media and made fortunes, while others have floundered. Others are still mystified at how it works or where to start. Still others have started and not seen real results.

What’s Crucial
  1. Image: People judge you and/or your business by what they see. Make sure you are presenting a professional image and branding.
  2. Content: Quality content that is posted regularly and consistently. Think of Social Media as a content eating monster! It is always hungry and is never satisfied! This doesn’t mean you have to put content up every hour or even every single day. But if when someone looks at your Facebook page and sees the last post was 5 months ago, they may wonder if you are still in business…
  3. Engage: Social Media is not just about you ranting about how great you are. That gets old. It’s suppose to be a two-way conversation. Make your content about your fans. What problems can you help them solve? Ask questions. Captivate your fans and attract new ones by being authentic.

Many people are. You’ve got things to do, meetings to go to, and you got to have some downtime too, right? That’s why we created the Royal Online Manager program.

Royal Online Manager

You have a manager for other aspects of your business, why not have someone that is focused and skilled in social media and the web manage your online “reputation”? Our Royal Online Manager service is flexible (no contract) and you can upgrade or downgrade whenever your needs change.

    • Setup/Optimize
    • Branding/Graphics
    • Syncing Accounts
    • Writing/Posting Content



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