Your Website Designed for a Royal Experience!

Our Royal Website service is an all-in-one service where we combine powerful web hosting, beautiful website design, software security updates, daily backups of your site, ongoing security monitoring, and technical support together. Everything you need to have a beautiful and well maintained website with one affordable price. You are Royalty so you shouldn’t have to lift a finger (unless it’s to give an order)!


per month
  • FREE Website Design
  • Up to 15 Pages Content
  • 8GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 5GB Storage
  • FREE Support
per month
  • FREE Website Design
  • Up to 40 Pages Content
  • 15GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 10GB Storage
  • FREE Support
per month
  • FREE Website Design
  • Up to 90 Pages Content
  • 20GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 15GB Storage
  • FREE Support
per month
  • FREE Website Design
  • Unlimited Pages/Blog
  • 35GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 25GB Storage
  • FREE Support
Additional Website Details
• FREE Website Design        
• Number of Pages Up to 15 Pages Up to 40 Pages Up to 90 Pages Unlimited
• FREE Email Setup        
• Number of Email Addresses/Storage Space Per Email 4/4 GB 8/8 GB 15/15 GB Unlimited/25 GB
• Number of Email Forwarders 2 4 8 Unlimited
• Software & Security Updates        
• FREE SSL Certificate        
• Free Daily Backups of Website 14 Days 21 Days 30 Days 30 Days
• Security Monitoring
We monitor your site 24/7 and perform regular scans. If there is a problem, we will know about it instantly and take the corrective action.
• Uptime Monitoring
We check every 5 minutes 24/7 to see if your site is up and running. If not, we get notified immediately and get to work to correct the problem!
• Disk Space/Storage 5GB 10GB 15GB 25GB
• Monthly Bandwidth 8GB 15GB 20GB 35GB
Earn Gold Points for Discounts!        
• FREE Domain Name      
• Backend Access to Website        
• FREE Dedicated IP Address (optional)    
• One-Time Setup Fee $397.00 $397.00 $397.00 $357.00
• Fast Phone & Email Support from a U.S. Person (no hard to understand accent here)!        

Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

YES! There is no contract and your website can grow along with your business.

Can I really get my website designed the way I want it? Is the custom design included in the monthly subscription?

YES! We do our best to meet your design ideas. We are not happy until you are happy. Don’t really have any ideas? We work with that all the time and are able to produce a design that clients are thrilled with.

What are Gold Points?

Gold Points are our way of rewarding you for allowing us to serve your website needs. You automatically earn Gold Points every month with your Royal Website subscription and by referring clients to us. Use Gold points like cash with Kings Royal Media. Use for a discount on a monthly subscription (or maybe a free month!), graphic design services, video creation, logo design, etc. Find out more here.

Will you help me set up my new email address?

YES! We give you a number of options to utilize your new email(s) including webmail, email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.), or smartphone. We can set up forwarders for you as well.

What is included in the Security Updates and Monitoring?

We monitor your site around the clock for any kind of suspicious activity, malicious code, hack attempts, and more. We also update your website with the latest software updates and patches to keep your site healthy and running smoothly. We perform regular scans of your site to detect any problems and correct them right away… all while you just focus on running your business!

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time. Keep in mind that once you cancel, your website will come down and be removed from our system. You may want to get a copy of your text, images, logo, etc. before the site comes down. We can provide assistance with this if necessary. The design of the website remains the property of Kings Royal Media and will not be transferred. We do not provide website transfer services. However, we will assist you in transferring your domain name to another registrar if needed.

What if something goes wrong with my site? Do you make backups of my site?

Depending on which subscription you choose, we perform daily backups of your site. We can restore a backup of your site in case that it is necessary. If needed, we will perform this free of charge. Keep in mind, we can only restore a backup so many days ago. In the case of the Knight website, we can restore the site as it was up to 14 days ago.

Can I get backend access to my website?

If you want backend access to your website to make some simple changes yourself, we can provide this on all of the subscriptions. Just put in a request, and we will set up a user account for you. Keep in mind that we do not provide full administrative access, only limited access to be able to make some simple changes yourself. Keep in mind that you are Royalty, so let your subjects do the work!

How long will it take until my site is up?

It depends on your requirements. It can be as little as 2 weeks up to 4 weeks. Of course, we can always get a “Starter Page” or “Coming Soon” page up as we work on your design to let your customers know a new, Royal Website is on the way!